Application for a GSI User Account

The user accounts will be generated, if the signed PDF file is found in the box in front of the IT Help Desk, room SB3.1.247

Bold entries are mandatory
After submitting the form please print the generated PDF file

Please use the German umlauts directly or via ä="a, ö="o, ü="u, ß="s! - No ae, oe, ue, or ss !
  Account owner
Last name (family name)
First name         Gender    male       female   
organisation unit(OE)/experiment/project
room             phone
Special account
Not intended for userid ideas
Non-personal              Suggested non-personal account name
The following person will get an e-mail with your requested accounts data
E-mail address of an
official GSI/FAIR contact person
Example for a comment: You may specify access to public e-mail folders of your department
For guests:
External institute, phone
Operating System Your account will be created both for Windows and Linux
Domain for e-mail address
E-mail address
With mailbox on the GSI e-mail server (Exchange)  
With forward to the given (external) e-mail address (*)
(*) (External) e-mail address
Account time limit
until end of      

Declaration of consent

I took note of the regulations of the IT-department at GSI / IT Help Desk as stated below and agree to them.

Accounts and emailboxes are limited in time and will be closed
- for GSI/FAIR-employees (with a personnel number) at the termination of employment or when she/he enters the passive phase in partial retirement,
- for all others two years (at the latest) after the setup.

The lifetime of the account may be extended for two more years after written application to the person in charge (for GSI/FAIR-employees this is the cost centre manager and for all others the employee in charge) and her/his written consent.

The user is asked to delete all non-official data and emails before the account/emailbox will expire. Data and emails related to business and science will be archived, provided they are not to remain accessible for further use at GSI/FAIR (either by the person in charge or her/his delegate). GSI is not obliged to archive obviously non-official data or emails.

Please check the data and then press:    

To reset all data press:    

If you have any problems or suggestions to these web pages, send an email to the account administrators, please.
Creation: September 1, 2004; Last update: January 30, 2024
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